Hye-Eun Hills Acupuncture and Chinese herbs is a practice based in Lewes & Brighton, East Sussex over the past twenty years and is now sharing her skills in Harley Street in central London. Hye-Eun is a highly experienced acupuncturist and carries out around 2,500 treaments per year, offering tailored treatments for a wide range of conditions, employing an integrated, holistic approach.


  • IVF / IUI

    Preparing for IVF or IUI?

    Research has proven the effectiveness of acupuncture during IVF/IUI procedures, resulting in an increased success rate for IVF.
    The normal recommendation is for three months preparation of combined acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments prior to IVF. This regulates the body’s natural productive functions and helps patients regain a normal menstrual cycle, thereby aiding a natural pregnancy.

  • aches & pains

    Suffering from aches & pains?

    Acupuncture is an excellent natural way of controlling and managing many types of pain.
    It is commonly used in the treatment of back pain and sciatica, arthritic pain and headaches. Pain control with acupuncture is safe & side-effect free and promotes self-healing. Acupuncture can be successfully used along with other types of conventional treatments.

What patients say

"It feels as though you opened the window to the light."

J.T. (76, from Lewes)

"I cannot recommend Hye-Eun Hills enough. She is the most caring and effective health practitioner I have ever come across and I feel so grateful and happy that she is in my life as an acupuncturist, healer and friend. After a decade of hormonal skin troubles Hye-Eun evened out my hormonal cycle in under 2 months and every day, with the help of a nutritionist, my skin is getting better, healthier and stronger under her care. Hye-Eun asks all the right questions, shows a keen interest, genuinely cares and takes time to talk to and know her clients, therefore providing a fine tuned and thorough treatment every single time. It's like time stops when I'm with her and I feel like I've known her a life time. She has practiced in her field for over twenty years and her experience is second to none. She is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable about all aspects of the human body and there isn’t a question I wouldn’t ask her about nearly anything. She dedicates her life to her work and clients and it shows.
I have recommended her to everyone I know verbally and I now know why people believe in magic. Thank you Hye-Eun for absolutely everything, you one in a million star on earth."

Laura Kate Hendry 25, Personal Assistant to Ella Woodward, Delicioully Ella

"I astarted seeing Hye-Eun after I was recommended by friends. My partner and I had been trying to conceive for 1 year. I am 40 and have a FSH of 27.6 and had a course of 5 treatments of acupuncture and herbs. This resulted in pregnancy. I would recommend Hye-Eun to anyone trying to conceive. I only wished I had known about her sooner"


"I have suffered for many years with migraines and headaches with prescribed preventative medication not helping but just causing side effects. My GP and a friend talked to me about accupuncture and to be honest I was feeling pretty desperate that I thought I would give anything a go. I am so glad I did. It wasn't as scary as I thought thanks to Hye-Eun's caring, professional approach. Not only have I had a significant improvement in my headaches/migraines, I am also sleeping better and have a less frequent menstrual cycle! I know there is some way to go and it is important to maintain these changes but I am very grateful for the calm, efficient care you have shown me"


"Alongside successful treatment for fertility, Hye-Eun did a session of facial acupuncture for me when I completely broke out a week before my wedding. I was sceptical as to whether one session would make any difference but after 24 hours my skin already looked so much better and by the time our wedding came around I was spot free! Thank you so much. I felt so much better on the day because of it"


"I went to see Hye-Eun when I recently had surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy and was diagnosed with endometriosis. I was fearful that I wouldn't be able to conceive again and that if I did it would be another ectopic. The surgeon told me there was a high probability that this might happen. After the first couple of sessions with Hye-Eun I became pregnant with my now 6 month old baby boy. I continued to see Hye-Eun throughout my pregnancy, she was lovely! Very kind and a good listener.
I always felt great after a session, all my worries put to rest. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Hye-Eun...Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


"Two years ago I read an article on acupuncture. It told the story of one lady's attempt to find an answer to a skin problem. This made me think, could acupuncture help me. For as long as I can remember I had always suffered with a really red face (Rosacea) and constant spots. I had known of Hye-Eun through a friend who had helped her with back problems. I made the appointment and have never looked back. I no longer suffer with high colour, spots are a thing of the past and acupuncture has helped in many other ways. Treating the whole body creates better wellbeing. Even to lessening veins in my legs, the result of having to stand for several hours each day. Hye-Eun is also treating me for dry-eye. The result is amazing, far less soreness and irritation. I am only using eye drops occasionally. Hye-Eun is a pleasure to visit on each and every appointment. I think she is wonderful."


"After several years of gradually becoming a carer, I felt unwell in all sorts of ways (including arthritis, skin problems, being overweight and exhausted, and many other symptoms) and I felt I needed treatment that would take into account all these elements. Hye-Eun had been recommended to me by another acupuncturist, and from her first treatment my symptoms began to improve and have continued to do so. Her in-depth questions are perceptive and intelligent, and I instinctively trusted her. She is a most effective practitioner and a delightful person. I recommend her very highly."


"After fracturing my hip in December of last year I was in considerable pain in my hip, back, and knee. A friend recommended Hye-Eun and her caring impeccable professionalism made a great deal of difference to me during difficult months. I cannot imagine a better acupuncturist. The needles, which I feared initially, seemed to glide in so smoothly under her skilled hands, that the experience was not at all uncomfortable. Meanwhile the depth of the questions she asked and the real sense I got of her care for my painful body gave me great solace in another, valuable way. Week by wek I improved, and though one can never know for certain, I am pretty convinced that the acupuncture was invaluable and hastened my recovery. Thank you Hye-Eun."


"I am still not sure how to pronounce this super talented therapist's name, but I can assure you that I know how to appreciate her intelligent and empathetic nature - not to mention her superb skills. My baby was still breech in week 36 and suddenly realizing that this means a planned caesarian in the UK (unlike in Denmark where I am from) I totally panicked, however by chance of luck I walked past the clinic and received a treatment from Hye-Eun. Our beautiful baby turned that very night, and both me and my husband are deeply grateful. Hye-Eun has a way of oozing that she has all the time in the world for you and she really really listens. Not just with her ears, but with all her astute senses. I can highly recommend her"


"Hye-Eun is a very special healer. I started seeing her 5 1/2 years ago as I was in constant pain from fibromyalgia and was struggling with stress and depression. Hye-Eun has helped me to manage my pain and after each session I always feel an inner peace. She has also helped me through 2 pregnancies. I highly recommend her!"


"I have been seeing Hye-Eun for several months now firstly for a well being check up and treatment and have felt so much better since. On one occasion I had just started a cold and within two days her treatment made all my symptoms go away. In the past I have suffered from sciatica and it reoccurred, a brilliant session with her and all the pain gone. I cannot recommend her more highly. A very sympathetic, caring person."


"After my acupuncture yesterday, I went to hospital for monitoring. The doctors wanted to keep me in and induce me on a drip because of infection risk which would have meant even a waterbirth would be impossible. But luckily (and I think it's mostly thanks to you) my contractions got started while I was in hospital, so they gave me 2 hours grace at home to make progress in my labour, otherwise I'd have no choice but induction. The contractions increased at home and a beautiful little boy was born this morning at 2.43am in my birthing pool. Safely and serenely at home relaxed to music and candle light with my loving boyfriend and some gas and air, all just as I dreamed. Thank you so much for your attention"


"I'd slept badly for years, and now the problem's gone. It really has changed my life. She's wonderful."


"Wow, it is just magic. Hye-Eun's healing with needles is very powerful and I realised that if I go as soon as I feel something coming up my way, Hye-Eun can divert it. What was inevitable before (like having a sore throat at this time of the year), now is just a vague rememberance."


"I had tried other treatments for my sciatica before coming here, but this has been a revelation. I would never have believed it possible in just 4 sessions - it's changed my life"


"It's been really brilliant for 5months old Jenson's urticaria. I could literally see the difference as his rash disappeared within minutes."


"Just wanted to thank you for the treatments you gave me to encourage my labour to start (I was approaching the 42 weeks mark). I am happy to say my waters broke that night of the acupuncture treatment and continued to leak for 3 days before Theo arrived, at home, in 3 hrs! So you definitely helped me. Thank you so much!"


"I'm very happy to recommend Hye-Eun. Everyone says how much better I look, and it's been so quick."


"I was amazed with the almost immediate disappearance of pain in my shoulder joint combined with considerably increased movement. It felt like WD40 was sprayed."


"I am feeling SO much better - my head started to clear Saturday afternoon and this morning I woke up feeling full of the joys of Spring! I can't tell you how grateful I am."


"The treatment with Hye-Eun was amazing - for the first time yesterday I was pain-free. And my friends have all been saying I look really well!"


"Thank you Hye-Eun for your kind treatment and your expertise. Every time afterwards I can hope I will get better."


"Thank you very much for the care and patience you had with me today. I know my fear of needles doesn't help very much when I am having an acupuncture session. I feel so much better now. Thank you!"


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